How Bore Water Drilling Enhances Self-Sufficiency

For centuries, people have relied on boreholes as a source of water. In Australia, the reliance has been growing over the years. Bore holes are an excellent alternative to the municipal water supply. Notably, one of the most significant benefits of bore water drilling is self-sufficiency. While municipal councils have improved the mains water supply, boreholes help reduce reliance on piped water. This article highlights ways borehole drilling improves self-sufficiency.

Avoid Supply Problems -- As mentioned earlier, municipal councils have been doing their best to improve freshwater supply to residential areas and businesses. However, there is no doubt that local councils are struggling to meet the growing demand for freshwater. This can be attributed to Australia's growing population. Besides, water levels have been dwindling for a long time. Therefore, local governments have been forced to ration the water supply in certain regions to help protect freshwater sources, making the mains water supply an unreliable source of water. Boreholes eliminate supply issues as long as underground aquifers still contain water. Most importantly, you can use bore water without worrying about running out.

Avoid Government Restrictions -- Australia must control freshwater usage since it is the driest inhabited country globally. This is especially the case today, when high temperatures are causing devastating droughts. To protect freshwater sources, the government has introduced restrictions to minimise the devastating effects of drought. For instance, Sydney residents were subjected to level-2 water restrictions in 2019. The regulations required Sydney dwellers to use buckets or watering cans to water their lawns and gardens. Moreover, they could only use buckets, not hoses, to wash their cars, and topping up swimming pools was restricted to a couple of minutes. While such restrictions were inconvenient and frustrating, residents had no option but to conform. However, you do not have to worry about water usage restrictions with bore water.

Avoid Low Flow Rates -- During peak times, such as the weekends, residents can experience reduced flow rates. The reason is that demand for mains water increases during such times, affecting supply. This can be frustrating, especially if you want to complete most of your chores fast. Conversely, flow rates in boreholes are unaffected unless the water levels in aquifers drop significantly. Therefore, even if you share a borehole with your neighbours, water flow rates should remain relatively the same. Besides, boreholes can integrate water tanks to ensure that flow rates remain unaffected.

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